Yes, Implementing Virtuosi is Easy

Excerpt from a conversation with Beth Usrey, Virtuosi VP of Customer Engagement

“Is Virtuosi easy to get set up and running at my facility?” That is one of the most frequently asked questions we hear.  

The answer is, “Yes, it actually is.”

There are a couple of components to the implementation. There is the technical side of things and the administrative side of things. Those two pieces come together very quickly, very easily.

On the technical IT side, there are very simple requirements: electricity, internet access, and network access. That's really all that is needed.  

On the administrative side of things, we walk you through what you need to know and how you can integrate Virtuosi into your existing training program. As the Virtuosi Engagement Manager, I help clients make that transition, and it often is much simpler than they expected it to be.  

The implementation process takes approximately three days of on-site work. Quite literally, when the Virtuosi Engagement Manager leaves, the client can start leveraging and utilizing Virtuosi immediately. So that is one of the benefits of having an out-of-the-box solution like Virtuosi – with just a couple of days of setup and a couple of days of training, you can get started on your learning journey without it being a heavy lift.

After the initial implementation period, the Virtuosi Engagement Manager will work with the client to help identify which courses go with which roles within the company. If the site is doing sterile manufacturing, pretty much every employee who has a Virtuosi license would be required to take at least a couple of these courses, so the learners can get started right away before you have the entire curricula planned out.

Two of my most recent implementations were on opposite sides of the world – Samsung Bioepis in South Korea and Tolmar in the United States. You might think that the experiences were very different, but they were not. We have a seasoned process for implementation, and we have followed the process many, many times. It really didn't matter where we were doing the implementation because requirements were the same. We followed our process. We know it works. We know it's effective. And it didn't matter which side of the world we were on. Both implementations were incredibly successful. We walked away from those implementations with a path forward for the client to start using the Virtuosi content immediately and that's exactly what they have done.

As Vice President of Customer Engagements at Quality Executive Partners, Beth Usrey leads Customer Support with additional responsibility for Virtuosi implementation and global sales. Beth is an influential member of management and is successfully building client relationships and partnering with her clients to meet mutual goals. Throughout her 20-year career, she has gained a depth of experience within sterile injectable pharmaceutical manufacturing organizations.  Beth has expertise in areas including quality control and compliance, regulatory affairs, marketing, sales, and customer support. She holds a master’s degree in executive business administration and a bachelor’s degree in biology.

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