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Virtual Reality (VR) Training in the Pharma Industry

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We Learn by Doing

Traditional learning results in only a 20 percent knowledge retention rate after one month. VR learning experiences boost that rate to 80 percent, even a year later.

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The Pharma Industry




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The Pharma Industry


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The Pharma Industry




The Power of Virtual Reality–Based Education

There’s nothing else like it.

Companies from various industries utilizing VR educational platforms are experiencing tremendous impact in reduced costs, enhanced knowledge retention, improved performance, and increased efficiency. Virtuosi is bringing these same benefits to the pharma industry. See example benchmarks below.

Reduced Costs

According to a report by Forbes, when utilizing Virtual Reality for education, companies like honeywell are already seeing a reduction in operational costs for customers by up to 50%.

Knowledge Retention

"Using VR training results in a retention rate of up to 80 percent one year after training, compared to 20 percent just one week after traditional training. The level of understanding through VR is great because humans are primarily visual and VR is a visual format."

Source: Fortune

Assessment Pass Rate
Level 1
Level 2
Level 3

Improved Performance

"A [Beijing-based study] compared traditional high school classroom education with VR-enhanced education and found that students in the VR group outperformed students taught in a traditional setting by just over 27%”

Source: HTC VIVE

Increased Efficiency

"Studies from surgical training applications show that surgeons trained in VR are 29% faster and make 6 times fewer errors compared with traditional training approaches."

Source: National Institutes of Health

Quotation Marks
It is a new way of learning that enhances your understanding of the real lab environment in a virtual way. Virtuosi includes comprehensive content, a good link to the patient, and context on what makes learning more effective.”

Quality Head

Quotation Marks
My site was in need of a capability uplift, and this program has all the features to successfully improve knowledge and performance. It’s a great way to prevent deviations.”

Site Head

Quotation Marks
I love having the ability to deeply understand lab processes and procedures that traditional methods can’t provide. This is what training should look like!”

Head of Learning and Development

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