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Experience Learning. Experience Results.

Virtuosi serves the pharmaceutical industry as the leading innovator of virtual reality education that directly impacts bottom-line growth.

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Immersive Education for Pharmaceutical Employees

Leading life science industry experts create Virtuosi, building on the leading edge of tech.

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Cut Costs and Improve Performance From Every Angle

Don’t accept the status quo. Increase production, scale operations quickly and decrease time to market.

25% Reduction in human error
50% Reduction in time to competency
25% Reduction in employee turnover

Practice Makes Perfect

Repeatable exercises occur in a risk-and pressure-free environment, with no equipment downtime or material waste. Instant coaching flags all errors and provides feedback for improvement. Developing a deeper understanding of the “why” behind aseptic techniques and behaviors helps increase employee buy-in to good manufacturing practices (GMP) and regulatory compliance.

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Virtuosi gives your organization the keys to better, faster operations.

High-quality products for patient safety. Efficient operations for your bottom line.

Available in English, French, German, Spanish, and Swedish.

Series 1: Sterile Manufacturing and Microbiology


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Virtuosi is your award-winning education solution.

Join the QxP and Virtuosi teams at Advanced Therapies Congress UK: May 24-26, 2022.

Tyler DeWitt, Ph.D will be a moderator and featured speaker!
This event in will bring together 2,000 glittering attendees from across the ATMP industry from pharma, biotech, research, regulatory bodies, HTAs investment and start-ups; will feature an agenda with 8 focused topic tracks and 300 speakers; showcase an action-packed exhibition.
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