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Experience Failure
Experience Limited Downtime
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The Product

Technology Series

Available Now:
Series 1: Sterile Products Manufacturing and Microbiology
Future Series Offerings:
Series 2: Solid Dose Products / Manufacturing & Chemistry
Series 3: Biotechnology Products / Manufacturing & Associated Sciences
Series 4: Combination Products / Drug Deliver / Manufacturing & Device Testing
Series 5: Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients / Manufacturing & In-Process Controls / Testing
Series One Material Content
Scientific and Technical Courses: Methodically developed and dynamically delivered
Process Checks: To verify and engage learning during the experience
Interactive Virtual Reality Experiences:
To experience success, gain confidence, experience failure, and embed learning
Knowledge Assessments: To verify transfer of knowledge, application, and learning
  • 31 Episodes comprised of innovative 2D lectures focusing on founding aseptic principles, operating systems, programs, and processes covering both manufacturing and microbiology laboratory testing topics, soup to nuts;

  • 60 – 90 minutes in length per episode, broken into 10 – 15 minute segments to allow users to step away and come back to the materials as their schedule allows;

  • Approximately 80 hours of educational material delivery, including process and knowledge checks;

  • 16 VR Interactive Experiences covering multiple settings (gowning room, filling line, laminar flow hood, etc.);

  • Manufacturing VR Interactive Experiences cover a progression of topics from hand washing, to sanitization, to sterile connections and interventions; and

  • Microbiology Laboratory VR Interactive Experiences include a progression from hand washing, sampling, and dilutions to sterility testing performance.

Click the images below to see a course listing of the 31 Episodes 

and 16 Virtual Reality Interactive Experiences available with Series 1