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Built with you in mind, by people who have been there.

Virtuosi is powered by the experts at Quality Executive Partners, Inc. (QxP), and is based on our decades within the industry and our collective experiences consulting with hundreds of pharma clients. We know your needs because we've been there.
We've seen these challenges repeatedly on a global scale. As a result, we sought to design and deliver a more innovative educational solution that could better engage workforces in their development over the course of their careers. Our pharma experts and world-class tech developers built the richest, most robust educational product on the market, moving our industry toward a new age of education and understanding and away from rote training and memorization.

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Virtuosi has an impact at all organizational levels.

We have an extensive track record of establishing enduring, meaningful relationships with manufacturing, quality, and learning and development departments. We operate as executive coaches, interim operational leaders, and mentors to all staff, from department leaders to frontline operators.

Virtuosi is your award-winning education solution.

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Crystal Mersh

President, CEO
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Uriel Kusiatin

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Brian Duncan

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Nicole Monachino

Chief Legal Officer, Head of Business Operations
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Robin Mersh

SVP, Sales
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Mike Levitt

VP, Strategic Operations
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Becky Brewer

VP, Strategic Practices
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Bob Ferer

VP, Consulting Operations
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Kathy Meyer

VP, Program Management
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Vanessa Figueroa

Executive Director, Microbiology

Our Development Team

Our Development Team is a multi-disciplinary group of scientific and technology experts within the microbiology, chemistry, manufacturing, advanced therapies, adult learning, and cutting-edge VR development fields.  The scientific experts behind Virtuosi are leaders in the pharmaceutical and biopharmaceutical industries, focused on educating through consulting engagements, professional organizations, participation in advisory boards, and direct to learners via YouTube and TED Talks.

Our technology experts specialize in AR/VR/Video production, bringing their highly skilled engineering, scientific, game design and video production skills to translating leading edge science into simple and engaging educational content.

  • Utilizes agile development methodology and global regulatory standards to develop our content
  • Consists of over 20 members, including 9 VR developers
  • Actively participates in industry organizations, such as PDA and ISPE, including engaging in influential advisory boards such as the PDA Advanced Therapy Medicinal Products Advisory Board
  • Includes published authors of scientific texts and technical papers, featured in TED, NPR, New York Times

Our Engagement Team

The Virtuosi Engagement Team includes a deep bench of talent with experience from pharmaceutical development, manufacturing, quality, training and education, and VR development and applications.

From Day 1, you are paired with a dedicated Engagement Manager who partners with your team to assess your relevant learning and development programs to establish an effective strategy and plan designed to meet your unique needs and objectives.

Your Engagement Manager provides you access to our broader team of experts whose knowledge base represents the leading edge of the highly regulated spaces of Pharmaceutical, Biotech, and Advanced Therapies, VR applications as well as foundational curriculum and learning strategies.

Our Engagement Team supports you through installation, initial implementation and beyond to support creation of road maps that facilitate incorporation of the Virtuosi platform into your learning and development programs. We help you to identify metrics aligned with your goals and objectives and we help you to set a baseline so you can measure improvement.

We engage with you through monthly governance where we present analytics highlighting use as well as outcomes, providing you insights of your team’s experience in context of our other clients using the platform. This regular evaluation provides you the information you need to maintain engagement, understand benchmarks, leverage best practices, communicate outcomes.

The Virtuosi Engagement Team creates a highspeed runway for your organization to deliver a cross-functional scalable transformation with immediate, sustainable impact.

Our History

Understanding. A desire to learn. Organizational momentum. Sustainability. Collectively, these attributes make the difference between success and failure for a person or organization. None of these attributes are easily achieved without a purposeful and evolving strategy, fused with constantly aligned execution.

The depth and breadth of practical knowledge demonstrated by our technical and compliance experts — executed with a mentor and coach model — immediately opens doors to learning within our clients’ organizations.

Our executive team hand selects each consultant on our project teams to meet the specific needs and the organizational challenges of every client, without exception.

This approach represents a winning strategy created specifically to establish and maintain alignment at all levels within our clients' organizations and internally across our consulting teams.

Although every project represents its own challenges, this formula has consistently proven to capture the magic, producing sustainable progress for our clients' organizations, regardless of the project type.

In fact, an average of 72 percent of the projects we complete are from return clients. These prior clients have selected QxP as their partner of choice for additional projects with varying scopes, scales, and strategic objectives.  

We applied this same formula to our new flagship product — Virtuosi. Virtuosi is a comprehensive virtual reality educational platform serving the pharma, biotech, and advanced therapies industries. Our team of experts created this product to reduce human error, time to learning competency, time to market for new products, and employee turnover, while also improving drug supply and ensuring patient safety.

Understanding. A desire to learn. Organizational momentum. Sustainability. Collectively, they make the difference between success and failure. None are easily achieved without a purposeful and evolving strategy, fused with constantly aligned execution.


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Crystal Mersh


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