“How is Virtuosi designed to ensure user comfort?”

And other frequently asked questions

How is Virtuosi designed to ensure user comfort?

We consider comfort in every decision we make for Virtuosi. We strive to achieve stable, high-performance framerates with low latency to minimize user discomfort. Our virtual reality content runs on a high-power dedicated workstation rather than an all-in-one headset because it allows us to achieve a higher level of performance and comfort without sacrificing the fidelity of the experience. To avoid the problem of motion sickness, we avoid motion. Virtuosi VR users are always in a static location and their movement is always directly under their control. This means that we will never move a user through a space which would cause discomfort, but rather we allow a user to explore the space as they would naturally in a physical environment. 

How are the Virtuosi VR experiences different from other VR content?

Virtuosi VR experiences are designed from the beginning with the expertise of professionals who have been in the pharma industry for decades. They provide Virtuosi with a breadth and depth of content that delivers the most value and knowledge transfer to learners. VR is most effective when it allows learners to actively participate in the learning process, which is why our content encourages learners to interact with their environment (e.g., virtual cleanroom or laboratory) and immerse themselves in the experience. As a result, Virtuosi has 20 VR Interactive Experiences in which the learner can learn and practice procedures in a risk-free environment and receive corrective real-time feedback from the system. 

What is the architecture of Virtuosi? Is it cloud-based?

Virtuosi uses a hybrid architecture, where all the content and training records are securely hosted on a validated LMS, but the VR content is always pre-downloaded and run locally on dedicated hardware. Cloud hosting allows us to efficiently maintain and update the content for improvements as well as compliance with any future regulatory changes. Having the VR content running locally means that the strength of your network connection will not have any impact on the performance of the Interactive Experiences.  

To learn more about the design of Virtuosi, read Jake’s recent blog: “Behind the Scenes: Designing Virtuosi’s VR Interactive Experiences.”

Jake Schwartz is the Senior Executive Director of Innovation and Technology at Quality Executive Partners, the creators of the Virtuosi® education and training program for pharma and biotech manufacturing operators.

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