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Virtuosi is your validated, pharmaceutical education tool firmly rooted in Sterility Assurance, Microbiology, and Cell and Gene Therapy content. Licensed for use at your facility.

As an IACET Accredited Provider, Quality Executive Partners offers IACET CEUs for its Virtuosi learning events that comply with the ANSI/IACET Continuing Education and Training Standard.  Read more for details

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Immersive Education for Pharmaceutical Employees

Leading life science industry experts create Virtuosi, building on the leading edge of tech.

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Cut Costs and Improve Performance From Every Angle

Don’t accept the status quo. Increase production, scale operations quickly and decrease time to market.

25% Reduction in human error
50% Reduction in time to competency
25% Reduction in employee turnover

Practice Makes Perfect

Repeatable exercises occur in a risk-and pressure-free environment, with no equipment downtime or material waste. Instant coaching flags all errors and provides feedback for improvement. Developing a deeper understanding of the “why” behind aseptic techniques and behaviors helps increase employee buy-in to good manufacturing practices (GMP) and regulatory compliance.

Cell and Gene, Sterile Manufacturing, and Microbiology


Hours of Education


Technical Courses


Virtual Reality Experiences

Virtuosi gives your organization the keys to better, faster operations.

High-quality products for patient safety. Efficient operations for your bottom line.

Available in English, French, German, Italian, Spanish, and Swedish.

Some of our most recent partners include:

(Distributing Partner)(Distributing Partner)
"Really impressed by the Virtuosi solution! Integrating on-demand video courses and virtual reality simulations for training is a game-changer. It's fascinating how technology is revolutionizing how we teach and learn. This approach ensures new hires can confidently excel in their roles by allowing them to practice repeatedly until they grasp the concept completely. Kudos to the team for paving the way in cell and gene therapy and biotech training!"

-- Pharma Company Senior Executive
“Having worked in clean rooms, I love this so much!“-- Process Scientist at Cell Culture Company
“So clever!!”-- Supplier Quality Engineer at Top 10 Pharmaceutical Company
“Nice video to visualize the air flow, and to understand the risk analyze.”

-- Scandanavian Chemical Consultant
“I think this would be a great way for pharmacy tech students to better understand about the clean room and how it works. I’d be interested to see how this would work in a pharmacy technology curriculum.”

-- Certified Pharmacy Coordinator and Adjunct Pharmacy Facility Instructor
“Great training modules , better than referring to watching a video! The hands on approach instills muscle memory and that sense of practicality! Great supplement to the theory!”
-- Global Application Specialist at Top 50 Pharma
“What a fantastic little clip and introductory explanation! Thanks for sharing!”

-- Senior Manager of Vector Core Production, CGT Company
“This will be incredible for helping students understand fluid dynamics which also play a role in air flow.”

-- President of Cleanroom Equipment Manufacturer
“Super visualization to demonstrate the safety as well as the hazards!! Well done 👍👍✅”

-- Medical Scientist/Professor Entrepreneurial Science. Imperial College of London
“I have been looking for such solutions for small molecules manufacturing unit operations, equipment operation and failure modes for batch reactors, filter dryers, centrifuges, scrubbers, heat exchangers etc. Do you guys do any of these? If so, please send me a message.”

-- Lead Process Operations and Engineering, CDMO
“Not adopting Virtuosi® in these very regulated Pharma and Med-Dev industries, essentially means one accepts to fall behind the competition and accepts the risks and added COSTS that come with inadequate training. A rule of thumb indicator that perhaps change at the top is well warranted. Food for thought.....”

-- Global Manufacturing and Quality Executive Consultant
“Excellent training tool....proper hood use is often overlooked but is critical to safety....”

-- Regional Sales Manager for Cleanroom Solutions
“Archaic mode is getting behind, Innovation and technology the future of the giants.”

-- Laboratory Operations Manager, Biotech Research Company
“Visualizing what we can't normally see - that's marvelous.”-- Industrial Hygienist / Environmental Scientist at National Laboratory
“This is a great visual for those new colleagues and veteran colleagues as well!”

-- Supplier Quality Engineer at Top 10 Pharmaceutical Company
“Training as it should be in the year 2023 🤙”

-- USP Specialist at CDMO

Virtuosi is your award-winning education solution.

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July 7 - 9, 2023

QxP and Virtuosi proudly announce their participation at Interphex Week Tokyo, 2023 with Airex Industries! Join us as we explore the key issues facing global Pharma and Biotech manufacturers, from staff skills uplift and workforce development to VR-based immersive training. INTERPHEX JAPAN is Japan's largest exhibition for pharmaceutical and cosmetics manufacturing/packaging technologies. With 24 years of history, INTERPHEX JAPAN is known as the best business platform to network with industry top leaders from the pharmaceutical and cosmetics industries in Japan and Asia.

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