Environmental Monitoring

May 7, 2020
Explore the many advantages of Virtual Reality implementation for Environmental Monitoring

What is Environmental Monitoring? 

Environmental Monitoring (EM) involves the management of an organization’s specific activities and their impact on the environment. The main objective is to minimize any impact that these activities will have in order to ensure compliance, mitigate any potential risks to the environment, and to protect the population. 

In highly regulated industries like manufacturing and distribution, pharma, or healthcare, the need for Environmental Monitoring can’t be understated. By monitoring the environmental conditions of these areas – the distribution, storage, and manufacturing centers, these extensive systems can help to protect consumers against contamination and maintain regulatory compliance. 

At Quality Executives Partners Inc. (QxP), we believe in the power and impact of Environmental Monitoring as it allows us to bring science and concepts from the laboratory into the manufacturing space. At its core, Environmental Monitoring is a collaboration between manufacturing and microbiology and combines engineering principals that industry leaders put into the design of a facility to prevent contamination and feedback analyzation. 

How to Utilize Virtual Reality (VR) for Environmental Monitoring 

At QxP, Virtuosi, the Virtuosi Environmental Monitoring program is built for learners who want a deeper understanding of the design, implementation, and routine monitoring of viable and non-viable particulate quality levels. Utilizing Virtual Reality (VR), quality control professionals and manufacturing leaders are able to enter, explore, and learn in a completely virtual manufacturing and laboratory facility.  

This state-of-the-art equipment is designed to give learners the confidence to perform specific tasks without the fear of contamination and real-world risk to the facility or any production equipment. Learners are able to build foundational skills through a deep understanding of the “why” behind Environmental Monitoring.  

EM Sampling

Using VR, learners will be fully immersed in a routine sampling activity that breaks down the importance of sampling for EM. They’ll learn how to properly hold equipment, how to sample an environment, and how to adequately prevent contamination.

Data Collection and Reporting

Through our EM program, users will learn how to collect and report on data in order to get the full experience of a routine. They’ll learn everything from data entry rules to good documentation practices in order to determine if there was any risk to a product or environment.

ISO Classification and Risk

Upon each sampling and data collection instruction, users will get full understanding of ISO Classification areas and the risk that accompanies a product through our monitoring program, a risk-based approach. 

Benefits of VR for Environmental Monitoring

It’s vital for organizations like the pharmaceutical industry with increased population risk to have programs in place that offer professionals a way to learn without fear of error.  

With each of the 31 cloud-based episodes, users are able to gain a full, risk-free understanding of how environmental monitoring impacts the pharmaceutical industry. Our courses contain 60 to 90 minutes of content and demonstrations broken down into 2- to 12-minute segments, allowing each individual to learn anywhere and at any time.  

Our Environmental Monitoring VR Program provides numerous benefits that simply can’t be replicated outside of an interactive, cloud-based program without the chance of real-world risk to a production facility or their equipment.  

Cost Reduction

In a realistic virtual learning environment focused on environmental monitoring, individuals are able to gain confidence through enhanced learning objectives, all while eliminating costly specialty training facilities and supplies, including additional sampling tools, safety gowns, QA guidance, etc.  

Expand Learning

Our interactive environments promote immersion-based learning which focuses heavily on mastering environmental monitoring techniques and procedures that will help to mitigate future real-world risks.  

Increase Efficiency

We help to lessen the risk of critical mistakes in a real-world environment and improve efficiency with our detailed, on-screen videos available with key definitions and graphics that allow for a deeper understanding of each subject.  

Improve Safety Measures

Each of our cloud-based environmental monitoring courses will have an industry expert facilitating in order to prevent confusion or mishandling of vital equipment.  

VR Implementation for Your Organization

Virtuosi is a team developed application that covers the essential environmental monitoring topics that experts trust all over the globe. Our focus continues to be on the safety and health of patients, which is why all of our content has been reviewed by a former US FDA inspector, as well as beta tested by the UK Health Authority, MHRA.  

Discover the potential for your organization today with Virtuosi VR.  

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